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                                      Backlighting is the Impetus of LED Industry
                                      Date:2010-11-02  Count:20390

                                      Latest, the journalist from china LED interviewed Mr Jiangzhongyong, the general manager of Silan Company, about the LED industry, especially the current situation and development of LED chips. Following is the record of this interview.

                                      China LED: We know that Silan is a professional manufacture of LED chips. Could you introduce your products?

                                      Mr Jiang: Since founded in September of 2004, our company has concentrated on the development of MOCVD which needs a high cost and technology. The products cover full color (red, green, blue) LED chips and epitaxy wafers. Products are used for LED Display, decorate lighting and general lighting. Now the quality of blue and green chips of our company has reached to a world first-class degree.     

                                      China LED: There is a chaos in the china LED industry after the implement of eight national standards. The market is glutted with cheap chips with poor quality. What do you think of the market and what measures would you adopt to deal with this situation.

                                      Mr Jiang: Now the LED industry is on a stage of rapid development. There will be inevitable a growth spurt of output and downward of price. The ones with poor quality must be eliminated from the fierce competition. Only the superior ones will remain invincible. Our company will continue to adopt the positive and moderate investment strategies and put the quality first so as to seize the initiative of market.

                                      China LEDCould you tell us something about the production capability and current plan of your company?

                                      China LED: We know that chip is an important link of LED production. It requires high cost and technology. Could you tell me the current situation of your company?

                                      Mr Jiang:In order to strengthen our leader position in the high-level area of LED industry, we increase our investment on R&D. In 2009, we set up Hangzhou Multi-color Optoelectronics Company which committed to LED packaging.  Now the index of products from multi-color optoelectronics company such as light profile and decay rate reached to a world first-class.

                                      China LED:Now in the LED industry, customized LED screen is also the main production and sales model. Since Slian covers more than 50% market share, could you introduce the advantage of your company and how to keep the share in the complex market.

                                      Mr Jiang:High quality is the most important reason for good sales. The consistency of wavelength, high withstanding ability on ESD, stable quality and good after- service ensure the high market share of our products.

                                      China LED: We believe the potential market could stimulate the break of technology. What’s your opinion on the maturity of Chinese LED market.

                                      Mr. Jiang:Now the development of LED industry depends mostly on the application of backlighting. And the backlighting market will remain huge in two or three years.

                                      In the future, lighting application will push the industry forward. But LED lighting is a cross application area. Now there are still some problems, such as utilization rate, color, life and lighting quality. So the LED lighting market is on an immature stage.

                                      Mr. Jiang: Now, the production capability is 550KK per month. It is estimated that it will reach to 1300kk in the late 2011 .we will develop new products on the basis of steady improvement.