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                                      Mr Jiang-the Annual Leader Person of LED Industry
                                      Date:2011-06-16  Count:21089

                                      The 2011 forum of LED industry and the annual ceremony of awards 2010 was held in the Fair center of Shenzhen on May the 7th .This meeting was held by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, the Economic and Information Commission of Guangdong province and China Electronics News. More than 300 senior management of LED industry and many government agencies attended this conference.

                                      On the awards ceremony, the general manager of Hangzhou Silan Azure Company Mr JiangZhongYong was awarded the annual leader person of the LED industry 2010.As the chief leader of Silan company which covers 50% of LED market share, he committed to R&D and marketing and made a great contribution to this industry. Under his management, Silan Company has become a highly profitable business in this line through six years development.